Saint John Mark (Μᾶρκος in Greek, מרקוס in Hebrew), otherwise called Mark the Disciple or Mark the Evangelist, was a first-century saint and one of the Seventy Disciples

Saint John Mark

Feast Day:

April 25th


Mary (Mother), Barnabas (Cousin)


~1 A.D.


26 April 68 A.D.


John Mark was among those Seventy Disciples mentioned in the Gospel of St. Luke who was chosen by Jesus to carry his message afar. According to Coptic church tradition, Mark was born in Cyrene and returned there later in life to preach.

Mark is sometimes thought to be the pourer of the wine at the wedding in Cana. Some people also think that Mark was the man who ran away naked after the arresting of Jesus and the one who brought water to Jesus and the Apostles during the Last Supper. Whether any of this is true or not remains a mystery.

He travelled with Peter at some point, and wrote the Gospel of St. Mark. At some point, Barnabas wanted to take Mark with him to go someplace, but Paul thought it was a bad idea. 

The Alexandrians resented his preaching of the truth, and tied a rope around his neck, dragging him about the city until he died. He died in 68 AD, and his remains are now in Venice.



Mark means "warlike" in Greek, derived from the Latin word Marcus'.

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