Saint is a title given by the church, there are some variations between different denominations, to certain people who have shown excellant examples of holiness and serve as an example to Christians. Saint is also a term to refer to anybody who is saved and is assured a place in Heaven, who is a part of the Communion of the Saints. The Jewish equivalent is Tzadik for males and Tzadikas for females.

History Edit

In the various Denominations Edit

Roman Catholics begin the process of canonization with a deceased example of Christianity being named by the Pope as a Servant of God. After several years, if the person has shown an example of heroism equal to a martyr, they will be venerated as a Venerable. After even more time, if the person has displayed miracles during the intercession, the person will be beautified as a Blessed. Eventually, they may end up becoming canonized as a Saint after being named by the Pope as one.

Old Catholics and Eastern Catholics have the same process as Roman Catholics.

Eastern Orthodoxy says that anyone in Heaven is a Saint. Sainthood does not display a moral model, but rather anyone in communion with God.

Oriental Orthodox churches do not accept Saints.

In Anglican traditions, a Saint is merely somebody who is regarded at an elevated position and have a form of devotion dedicated to them by popular opinion.

Lutheran churches regard Saints as people who have sustained the Christian faith and are honored so that Christians can imitate their faith.

Methodist churches insist that all Christians are called Saints, though the term is typically used to refer only to (righteous) Biblical people.

Presbyterians hold Saints as an example to Christians and don't have an actual process in canonization.

Baptist churches do not recognize Saints or any status of any sort.

Some people who weren't canonized officially are regarded as Saints.

Feast Days Edit

Feast Days are days given to certain Saints where Saints are honored. These feast days are shown on the Calender of the Saints, and all Saints are honored on All Saint's Day.

Intercession of the Saints Edit

Prayers may be said to Saints to ask them to pray for someone. The Saints intercede during this and pray for the person if they choose to. 

Patron Saints Edit

A Patron Saint denotes to a Saint in the Catholic Church, and some Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran churches, who are associated with certain things. The Patron Saint is a heavenly advocate to a place, thing, or even a family.

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