The painting "Grace" depicts an old man praying over his meal, the Bible sitting next to him.

Prayer is one of the most important things a Christian is called to do. It is half of the communication with God. When one prays, they are talking to God (the other half is reading the Bible, which is Him talking to the believer). Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, and few other denominations pray not only to God or Jesus Christ, but through them to the dead, typically Saints or dead loved ones. God does not hear the prayers of sinners, the unsaved, unless they are asking for His forgiveness and repenting of their sins.

History Edit

Jews were commanded to pray three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and in the evening, as well as a fourth prayer on holidays and on the Sabbath, and a fifth on Yom Kippur. These three prayers represent the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and pray as a reminder for the daily sacrifices in the Temple, which is currently destroyed (the physical Temple is destroyed, the spiritual Temple is rebuilt as the body of the Christian).

Prayer was commanded to Christians as well, to pray daily is their command.

Method Edit

No specific method of prayer is specifically mentioned in the Bible. Most people would get on their knees, put their face to the earth, or bow while praying. Some would look up to the skies, and others would bow their heads. It is common for one to fold their hands while praying, or to beat their heart while doing so. It is also common to close ones eyes while praying. Some people pray loudly or some will pray quietly, or even silently.

Most Christians will also say a "blessing" before eating their food, thanking God for the food and asking Him to bless it for nourishment.

Forms of Prayer Edit

Praise and Thankfulness Edit

The first form prayer takes is thanking the Lord for what He has provided and given, and praising Him for the goodness He has. 

Confession Edit

The second form prayer takes is confessing ones sins to God. Christians tell their sins to God and ask for forgiveness. While their sins would already be forgiven, this is renewal of that, focusing not only on all sins committed, but specific ones committed after being born again.

Asking for Things Edit

The third form prayer takes is asking God for important things. These are answered only if there is no doubt in the Christians mind about God, that there are no unconfessed sins in his or her life, and if it is in the will of God. Some will ask God what His will is on certain things, such as marriage or a career in Ministry, and will recieve wisdom for those things.

Examples Edit

  • The Psalms, a book in the Bible that contains many prayers.
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