Pope Clement I


Pope Anacletus I


Pope Evaristus I

Feast Day:

November 23rd

Papacy Begins:

92 AD

Papacy Ends:

99 AD


? (~First Century A.D.)

101 A.D.

No information

Pope Clement I was a first-century saint and the fourth Pope. He is called one of the Apostolic Fathers, making him an Early Church Father.

History Edit

Clement is thought to be the person mentioned in Paul's Epistle to the Philippians, who knew and had journeyed with at one point with Paul. He also apparently knew Pope Peter I, and was named Bishop of Rome in 92 A.D. In 96 A.D., he wrote an epistle to the church of Corinth regarding Bishops 

His papacy ended in 99 A.D., and he died in 101 A.D.

Writings Edit

  • Epistle of Clement - Clement wrote this Epistle in 96 A.D. for the church of Corinth, where he talked about the office of Bishops-Presbyters. 
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