King Solomon is the second king in the House of David. He is the fourth king of Israel. Oftentimes, he is regarded as the wisest man in the world. He is also considered a Prophet.

History Edit

Writings Edit

King Solomon has written several works of the Old Testament.

  • The Book of Proverbs - A book containing several practical pieces of advice, these "proverbs" have much wisdom in each one.
  • Ecclesiastes - A book contianing the woes of life in general, another book of wisdom, focusing on the meaning of life.
  • Song of Songs - Many people believe that Song of Songs was written by Solomon, though this has been disputed in recent years, as Solomon himself is referenced by the writer. It is unlikely he wrote this song.
  • Psalms of Solomon - Solomon has written Psalm 72 and Psalm 127, and he may have possibly written several anonymous Psalms, such as Psalm 1.
  • Wisdom of Solomon - This work is traditionally attributed to Solomon, though it may have been written much later.

In addition, Solomon is said to have written at least 1,005 songs, and most likely wrote down many more proverbs. These, of course, are not inspired by God, and are lost. Many later works are attributed to him, but these are most likely not by him.

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