Judas Iscariot (Ιούδας Ισκάριωθ in Greek) was an Apostle and one of the Twelve Disciples of Jesus Christ. 

History Edit

Ordination Edit

Judas was a disciple of Jesus, following Him about the land of Galilee, and was eventually singled out among the others along with eleven others, and was ordained by Jesus to become one of His Twelve Disciples. He went out and healed many, exorcised demons, and performed miracles all while preaching, and eventually returned to Jesus and told Him about all of what happened.

The chief priests and scribes were looking for a way to rid themselves of Jesus without much of a scene for fear of a riot, so they approached Judas to assist them in this for 30 pieces of silver. Judas attended the Last Supper with the rest of the Apostles. He identified Jesus to the guards by kissing Him on the night before the Feast of Passover. The arrested Him and turned Him in to Pontius Pilate. Satan entered into Judas at this time.

Death Edit

Judas, feeling immensly guilty for what he had done, cast down his thirty silver pieces, resulting in the Potter's Field being bought. He hung himself there, and then the rope snapped, causing him to fall and his organs being scattered about the ground. His remains were probably left there to rot.

Etymology Edit

Judas is the Greek rendering of the Hebrew name Judah, which means "God is praised." Iscariot means "man of Kerioth" and probably indicates that Judas or his father lived in Keriot, a region or town in Judea.

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