hymn is a certain type of song that is typically sung in churches during worship service, and are collected in hymnals. It can be seen as a

Origins and Early Hymns Edit

Hymns are thousands of years old, being traced back to ancient Egypt where Pagan songs were sung to the polytheistic pantheon of false-gods they had. The earliest hymns in Judaism are the Psalms, a five-book prayer book that is comprised of many hymns written over the course of a thousand years, most of which were written by King David, but by many other people as well. Even before the Psalms were written down, songs were sung in praise to God.

Christians quickly adopted the use of hymns for worship in the early stages of Christianity. Hymns dating back to the 4th century are still used today in the Catholic church. Benedict of Nursia would translate these hymns into Latin and teach them to various monks to sing in the popular singing style at the time, "Gregorian Chant," in the 6th century. This was the norm for almost a thousand years.

In the 16th century, though, during the Protestant Reformation, the songs were translated to modern languages as opposed to Greek or Latin, and were sung to tunes instead of chanted. Martin Luther is oft credited for this. In fact, Martin Luther was one of the first people to write hymns based on scripture and not taken directly from scripture, and is also credited for the bringing of a choir into church. Between the 16th and 20th century, many hymns were written that are still sung today.

Many churches will sing the Psalms still in services, or will sing scripture. 

Hymns can be seen as a precursor to the contemporary Gospel Music, but the two are often agreed to be seperate, with few modern day songs being classified as hymns.

See Also Edit

  • Carol, a certain breed of hymns that are sung during Advent, Christmas, and Epihpany.
  • Canticles, a certain breed of hymns that are modelled after or are Bible passages that are set to music in Anglican, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox faiths.
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