Mary (מִרְיָם Miryam in Hebrew, Μαρία in Greek) is the Mother of Jesus and husband to Joseph.

History Edit

Elect Lady Edit

Mary was born to Joachim (Also called Heli) and traditionally her mothers name is called Anne. According to tradition, her mother was barren, but bore Mary by God's grace, similar to St. John the Baptist.

Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph, when the angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her she was to bear a child concieved of the Holy Ghost, while still retaining her virginity on Annunciation. She readily accepted this role, and gives birth to this child on Christmas Day. 

Before this, she went and visited her cousin Elizabeth.

She and Joseph took her son to be circumcised and sacrificed animals for the atonement of His sins (of which He had none). They listened to prophecies involving Him from Simeon and Anna.

A little while after this, she is visited by the Magi on the Epihpany. They bear gifts to her son, and warn her of Herod the Great's plot to kill her child. She, her Son, and Joseph flee to Egypt, and stay there until Herod the Great dies. 

Years later, they take Jesus (Her Son) to Jerusalem for Passover, but he stays behind and teaches the Rabbi's and Priests about the TaNaKh. She didn't know about this and didn't realize until later, and upon realizing that He was still there went back in a fearful hurry. They take Him home.

Mary was at a wedding in Cana when Jesus turned to water to wine, and watched as Jesus was crucified. She was also the only woman and non-Apostle to be in the Upper Room when they returned from the Mount Olivet.

Death Edit

Mary is thought to have died 11 years after Jesus's resurrection. St. John the Evangelist stayed behind while the other Apostles went about and preached the Gospel to the world and took care of her until her death. According to traditon, she was surrounded by the Apostles during her "death," but just before the event, she was carried up to Heaven, and didn't actually die, but was rather assumed, similar to Elijah or Enoch.

Some people believe that Mary is the heavenly woman described in the Revelation.

Etymology Edit

Mary means "wished-for-child" or "bitter child."

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