Adam (אָדָם in Hebrew) was the first man created by God in the beginning. He is regarded as the first Prophet in several Christian denominations. He is the husband of Eve.

History Edit

Adam was created on the sixth day of creation, after God created the livestock, wild animals, and creatures that moved along the ground. Dust from the ground was gathered up and fashioned into the shape of a man, and God breathed life into his nostrils, creating man.

This man was called Adam and was given dominion over all animals of the earth, tasked with taking care of them and the garden which he was put in to live. He was given only one rule: Never eat from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

One day Adam was lonely, seeing that all of the other creatures had a companion with them, but he was by himself. So God put him to sleep and took out one of his ribs, making it into the first woman, Eve. Eve became his wife, partner, companion, and above all, friend.

However, a little bit later Adam found Eve eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree. She told him to eat some, so he did. Then God came down from Heaven and looked for them, so they confessed to Him their sins. He told them to leave the Garden of Eden, and cursed each of them. Adam would now have to work for his food, and Eve would have pain during birth.

Adam blamed Eve for his sin initially, and Eve blamed the Serpent who told her to eat the fruit, but either way they were the ones who committed the sin against God. 

After being excommunicated from the Garden, Adam and Eve had two children, Cain and Abel, and later another son named Seth. They had many more children over the course of their lives, and populated the earth. Adam lived and died at age 930.

Original Sin Edit

Original Sin is a doctrine that stems from the sin committed by Adam. When Adam sinned and reproduced with his wife Eve, the sin was inherited by his offspring, both spiritually and genetically. This means that any child born to a woman who was impregnated by a man is born with the desire and will to sin, and born into sin. Only through the Last Adam could one be cleansed of these sins, though you can recieve temporary atonement through sacrifice of animals if you were one of God's chosen people (i.e. the Jews).

Etymology Edit

Adam means "mankind" in Hebrew, and can also mean "earth," both of which show that he was made from the clay of the ground and that he was the first of all mankind.

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